Open up Britain: A mental health Q&A with John

John image FINAL (For Cover) PNG.png

What mental health problem have you gone through?
“I’m recovering from depression and I have anxiety”

Did you get any kind of help with this?
“I go to counselling and I have medication. I just came to the end of my first bit of counselling just now”

Mental Health is still considered a taboo subject: what should be done, now or in the future; to make it more acceptable?

“I think just talking about it. Because good mental health and bad mental health exists: everyone has mental health. So it’s just whether it’s good or bad, in the same way you talk about physical health, being healthy or unhealthy. I think that would be a way of talking about it.”

“There are people out there and there are things out there that can support you if you are struggling.”

Most importantly: how are you coping right now?
“I don’t know. I really look at the little things more in life and appreciate stuff. So I focus on good things rather than bad things now.”

How has your diagnosis affected your everyday life?
“On my bad days, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed or get out of the house or whatever; so that was tough. It is tough to be in that situation because you can go from having a really good day, and really good time to then just being (in the space of an hour) really low again.”

What advice would you give to those who are suffering in silence?
“I’d say find someone to talk to at first. Not necessarily saying “I have depression”
or “I have anxiety” it’s just talking about how you feel at first; and then go from there
I guess. Find something that means you want to carry on.”

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